About SmartSheet10 Technology

SmartSheet10™ Technology

Graduate from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in seconds. Functioning in conjunction with any EHR, the SmartSheet10™ Technology enables providers to use either text or codes, and walks the user through the code development process, until the final and most specific code has been reached, including a unique 7th character when applicable.

The SmartSheet10™Technology dual codes and through its patent- pending feature, allows for the quick creation of provider specific “cheat sheets” or superbills, which have the power of the technology built right into them!

The SmartSheet10™ Technology revolutionizes the transition to ICD-10 and can save your practice from countless claims rejections and a resulting cash flow demise.

What is SmartSheet10™ Technology?

SmartSheet10™ Technology is an ICD-10 toolkit that includes the following components:

1. Electronic Edition of ICD-10 (Volume 1 and 3)
2. General Equivalence Mapping (GEMs) released by CMS

  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMs
  • ICD-10 to ICD-9 GEMs

3.SmartSheet10™ Workspace
4. SmartSheet10™ Charting component
5. Automatic updates when available from CMS

Key Features Of SmartSheet10™ Technology:

  • Explore ICD-10 Chapters
  • Search ICD-9 GEM’s.
  • One click access from GEMs to ICD-10 code details
  • Forward and backward GEMs with 2 clicks
  • Auto complete Index search
  • One click navigation from Index to Table
  • Search directly in ICD-10 Table
  • One click navigation to Exclude codes
  • Color coding based on CMS guidelines.
  • Key Benefits Of SmartSheet10™ Technology:

Convert your existing ICD-9 cheat sheets to ICD-10 SmartSheet in seconds.
Utilize GEMs to create Personalized Crosswalks with just a few clicks.
Dual Coding
Review relevant notes and guidelines at time of selecting the code.
Color coding to ensure selection of only valid codes

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