Installing SmartSheet10

How to Install SmartSheet10

Note: Before installing please check our System Requirements to ensure your computer is compatible with SmartSheet10 Technology.

You will receive an e-mail in your inbox.

The email will contain:

  • Your Username
  • Password
  • Installation Link

Once you receive the e-mail click the link to download SmartSheet10.

After SmartSheet10 is has finished downloading, open the installer to install SmartSheet10.

Follow the prompts to install SmartSheet10, seen below (click to enlarge):

Step 1: install1.JPG Step 2: install2.JPG
Step 3: install3.JPG Step 4: install4.JPG

Note: During installation, a User Account Control setting prompt may appear. Click Yes to proceed.

Once complete, click close to exit the installer.

A new icon will appear on your desktop.

After opening SmartSheet10 enter your username and password, provided in the email and click sign in. Note that your installation of SmartSheet10 is only usable on up to three computers.

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