Logging In

After Installing


After installing SmartSheet10, you will see the new Smartsheet10 icon on your computer desktop.


Double-click on this icon to open the SmartSheet10 login window.

Logging In

The information to log in to SmartSheet10 will be sent to you in an email upon registering for the Free Trial of SmartSheet. This login will become linked to this computer - no other login can be used on this PC after you log in with the provided information, so take care to not lose this information.

The login screen will contain the SmartSheet10 Technology logo, a text box for the User Id, a text box for the Password, and a Sign In button.

  • User ID: The User ID to log into SmartSheet10 will be in a xxxx(@)smartsheet10(.)com format, as seen in the above screenshot.
  • Password: Your password will also be in the email. It will be a random string of numbers and letters for security purposes. To reset your password, navigate to our website, here: (coming soon).

Once you have entered the above information, click the Sign In button to sign into SmartSheet10.

Note: For validation purposes, an internet connection is required to sign in to SmartSheet10!

After Signing In

After signing in for the first time, you will receive a pop up window indicating the date and time your subscription or Free Trial will expire. This will be one month from the date you first register for the Free Trial. You can dismiss the pop-up by clicking OK, or update your subscription information by clicking "Click Here to Upgrade." For more information, check the Subscription Basics page.

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