SmartSheet10 Mobile

This page is about the SmartSheet10 Mobile Application for both iOS and Android phones.

How to Find and Install

SmartSheet10 Mobile can be found on the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) by searching for the term "SmartSheet10," then selecting the following app:


Once you have selected the SmartSheet10 application, click the appropriate button to install this app.

Registration Page

Upon first opening the SmartSheet10 mobile application you will first be prompted to register with your basic demographic information. After registering once you will not have to register again.


Upon filling in all fields, click Continue to complete registration.

Searching for a Code

After registering you will be taken to an ICD-9 search window where you can search for ICD-9 codes to convert into ICD-10 codes. You may search by either code description or numerical code by tapping the "Search ICD-9 Code…" field and typing in the code you would like to search, as seen below.

Screenshot_2015-09-08-15-35-54.png Screenshot_2015-09-08-15-36-03.png Screenshot_2015-09-08-15-36-14.png

After entering the code, click the magnifying glass/search icon on your touchscreen keyboard to search for that code.

After searching for a code you will be given a list of possible matches listed numerically by ICD-9 code. These matches will be color coded in the following ways:

Green — An exact match to an ICD-10 code exists. It is the only match.
Yellow — An approximate match to an ICD-10 code exists. There could be multiple variations of this code in ICD-10, such as if it is right or left, etc.
Red — No match is available to this ICD-9 code.

If no results are returned at all, please be sure to confirm the code or description is typed correctly.

Selecting a Code

In the list of search results for an ICD-9 code, you may tap on any returned code to open the ICD-10 index to that code. SmartSheet10 mobile will load the codes in that group and any approximate match for a code will be listed, as seen below:


To select a code, tap on the code in the list. This will open a pop up window where your desired code will be visible.


Seventh Characters

Occasionally a code will require a 7th character. If this is the case, an additional window will appear when you select a code asking you to select if this is an initial encounter, subsequent encounter, etc. Tapping on the correct selection will open a screen listing the full code, 7th digit included, that is your most specific ICD-10 code.

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