SmartSheet10 technology is a subscription-based payment system with monthly payments for the license. A 30-day Free Trial is available for SmartSheet10, after which a monthly subscription would need to be established for continued access to the program.

Activating Your Subscription

You can activate your subscription at any time during the Free Trial by clicking on the Subscription button in the upper left-hand corner of SmartSheet10, then clicking the "Click Here to Upgrade" button.

Alternatively, once the 30 day trial period expires, you will receive a pop up warning indicating that your subscription has expired on a previous date and that you will either need to upgrade or close the software.


Upgrading Your Subscription

After clicking the Click Here to Upgrade button you will be taken to our secure payment portal where the following information will be required:


This information will pre-populate with the information entered when signing up for your Free Trial.


Credit Card information will be entered in the payment field.

Once you have confirmed all information is correct, check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions and then click Continue.

Reviewing Your Subscription Information

Your subscription status can be reviewed at any time by clicking the Subscription button in the upper left-hand corner of SmartSheet10. The date your subscription will renew will be listed on this screen, as seen in the below image.


Signing Up

Have any questions about purchasing SmartSheet10? Reach out to our sales team at moc.01teehstrams|selas#moc.01teehstrams|selas and one of our representatives will assist you.

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